Caiman Ranch

Miranda Estancia, a traditional cattle ranch founded in 1912 by English investors, was the precursor of the present Caiman Ranch.


The ranch currently runs around 35,000 head of cattle on natural pasture, seeking harmonious integration of livestock with the wildlife. This operation is open to visitors and can be seen at first hand by anyone interested.

The permanent residents’ community for both lodge and ranch employees and their families houses 180 people.
In addition to having access to a school, medical and dental care and the necessary infrastructure, all employees are trained in and committed to the Caiman Ecological Refuge social and environmental programme.


Caiman Ecological Refuge focuses its efforts on being a private property management model in the Pantanal. With a rich history dating back to 1910, the farm practised cattle rearing extensively for over 70 years and during this time most of the property was completely preserved. In 1985 the current owner began his personal project: to ensure that the landscape he had known all his life would be protected and that Caiman would become a model for the Pantanal as a tourist destination. His project of a new economic, social and environmental model covered the development of research on the property’s livestock carrying capacity, and also on native fauna and flora, as well as the development of a guesthouse with a focus on nature observation, inspired by African safaris. For this reason Caiman is an ecotourism destination that also handles cattle, with the ultimate goal of ensuring its long-term sustainability through the conservation of biodiversity.

Livestock is a very well established and strong business that provides economic sustainability for the property, forms the rich Pantanal culture of the destination and enables the development of new activities such as ecotourism and research. In return, ecotourism offers new job opportunities, increases the quality of life and puts the Pantanal on the world map, promoting its nature, its people and its traditions. This economic relationship and coexistence between livestock and ecotourism has always been full of challenges. Caiman has produced highly positive results, driven by these and new challenges.

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