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A trip to unforgettable moments

There are two ways to arrive at the Caiman Ecological Refuge: by car leaving from Campo Grande or by private plane. Follow the instructions below to arrive easily and to take full advantage of our amenities.


Estância Caiman, S/N - Zona Rural
Miranda - Mato Grosso do Sul

By Car

Take Highway BR-262 out of Campo Grande towards Corumba. At the cloverleaf interchange in Miranda take a right, an asphalt road will take you to the city Agachi. There you will see signs indicating the way to the Caiman Ecological Refuge.

Around 300 meters ahead take a left on a dirt road. Continue for 36 km and you will see the entrance to the Caiman Ranch on your right, where a guard will greet you and ask for ID. Once in Caiman, continue ahead and take a left at the first junction. You will pass over the “Ponte do Paizinho” and arrive at the Caiman Ecological Refuge’s reception.

By Plane

Caiman has a private grass landing strip 1400 meters long, well suited for smaller single and dual engine private planes. We do not offer taxi service. This should be arranged through a third party.

See the landing strip's coordinates

  • 1. Geographical Coordinates: Lat. 19° 57′ 56′ S/ Long. 056° 18′ 37′ W
  • 2. Runway Code: SSEX
  • 3. Owner: Caiman Agropecuária Ltda
  • 4. Distance and direction from the geometric center of city center: 31,0 Km – AZN030°, Mirandal.
  • 5. Distance and direction from the closest aerodrome: 110Km – AZM 152°,Aeródromo Público de Aquidauana.
  • 6. Distance and direction from the second closest aerodrome: 170 Km – AZM 301°, Aeródromo Público de Corumbá.
  • 7. Altitude of the highest elevation of the runway: 110,13 metros.
  • 8. Runway Dimensions: 1200m x 26m – gravel.
  • 9. Length and width of the runway: 1320 m x 80 m – grass
  • 10. Effective declivity of the runway: 0,59%
  • 11. Maximum longitudinal declivity in parts of the runway: 1,20%
  • 12. Runway construction and resistance: Gravel, 5.600 Kg./0,50 Mpa.
  • 13. Runway orientation: 04/22.
  • 14. Wind sock: Yes.
  • 15. Daytime beaconing: in agreement with the the presented project.
  • 16. Type of aerodrome: Privado Código “2”. Código SSEX Tipo de operação: VFR Diurna.